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    In 2013, China launched the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) project that envisioned a more globalized economy. Primarily, the BRI sets up the world’s largest platform for economic cooperation as it creates infrastructure connecting Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The project endeavors to facilitate a dynamic relationship among 65 countries that are home to 60% of the world’s population, and which, together, account for one-third of the global GDP.
     As this initiative promises more opportunities for businesses, it also raises challenges for both entrepreneurs and job seekers. Limited understanding of the project’s goals and vision, as well as cultural misinterpretations, can inhibit groups and individuals to fully maximize the advantages of a more globalized economy.
     BAITOR is a professional recruitment firm that offers to bridge the gap: provide a thorough understanding of Chinese enterprises’ needs and a deeper appreciation of China’s culture. Our group, which is based in Singapore, works to set up a stable foundation of knowledge between multi-national parties to better connect international talents and Chinese companies in the ASEAN region.
     We have highly qualified consultants and an extensive network of Chinese firms. Armed with a strong understanding of Chinese company’s culture and Southeast Asia’s labour markets, we are prepared to source and match the best candidates with top international appointments in today’s global market place. We deliver recruitment solutions to clients’ needs.

    百特人力资源有限公司(Baitor HR Consultant Pte.Ltd.)于2018年成立于新加坡,前身为2015年成立的印尼中国招聘有限公司(PT. INDO CHINA JOB),是东南亚首批中资人力资源管理服务公司,且为目前唯一一家在印尼有常驻中国猎头的猎聘机构。我们以新加坡为基点,立足东南亚,服务中国,为广大响应国家“一带一路”战略走出去的中资企业提供猎聘、绩效、培训、整合一站式人力资源解决方案,切实提供靠谱的人才资源支持。
    我们拥有经验丰富的多语种猎头团队,驻扎相关国家近十年,在当地拥有广阔的人脉资源,熟悉东南亚国家文化,人才市场以及当地劳动法。 我们的优势是,比中国国内猎聘企业更了解东南亚国家本地情况,比东南亚当地人力资源服务机构更懂中国企业用人需求与企业文化。

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