Recruitment Methodology/招聘方法论

2020-05-22 12:03

Advanced recruitment capabilities to source & assess the candidates your managers will want to hire.
Explore Customer Need
     The process begins with our experienced executive search and recruitment managers developing a clear understanding of the organisation and the specific position.
      First, we seek to understand the client’s organisational structure and management framework alongside their operational practices and the talent and experience required for the role in the long and short term.
     Based on this information, we then help the client refine and review a job description and candidate specifications, including a competitive benefits and remuneration package.

Identification& Evaluation
     Next, we will set a search and recruitment plan. We will formulate an executive search strategy that is consistent with the client’s needs in terms of time, confidentiality, and remuneration budget.
We can devise a tailored search and recruitment plan combining executive search and database search

  • Executive search
     Some positions demand a unique skills profile and strict requirements in terms of technical knowledge, professionalism and market standing. Our direct approach can access a pool of candidates who may not appear in other sources.
     We research the market to identify and define a target list of potential candidates and encourage our search targets to consider the position and engage in the selection process.
     We endeavour to promote our clients positively. Our respected brand, reputation for integrity and ethical conduct enhance our ability to attract desirable candidates, and help develop their trust, which is critical to the entire recruitment experience.
  • Database search

     Having been in the professional services business for many years, we have an established database of contacts and candidates at junior level to C-levels in a wide range of industries across South East Aisa.
     Our database search offers valuable insight into the manpower market, the availability of talent and remuneration range. We are experienced in confidential recruitment. 

     Applications from different sources are assessed against the job description and the candidate specifications that were formulated and agreed with our client.
     Potential candidates are then evaluated over a series of personal interviews conducted by our researchers.
     By maintaining a dialogue with the candidates about the selection process, we work to ensure they maintain a positive impression of the client.
     In addition, our consultants are experienced at conducting confidential recruitment process. Candidates are shortlisted based on their motivation, qualifications and experience. We aim to provide our clients with quality, skilled candidates who have a genuine interest in the client’s business and whose career plans align with the position.

     We are experienced in coordinating the recruitment process for clients, from organising the assessment and interview scheduling, to status reporting.
     We support clients as they negotiate employment terms and conditions with selected candidates.
     We can also assist clients to obtain references. 
     In addition, our team stays in regular contact with the placed candidates to help facilitate a smooth on-boarding period.